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Transformation Happens in Community

Making disciples of Jesus...the way He made disciples... is an "all of life" adventure. The goal must be life-on-life discipleship where our faith and the gospel touches down in everyday life and in the normal rhythms we live in with others.


Leadership resources for missional discipleship

Leaders Make Disciples by Example

The Church is people. Normal people. Yet those who make disciples have made an important decision; they'll get the training and resources they need to help others follow in the ways of Jesus too. It’s a high commitment to continue on this path, but you’ve already proven you’re willing to go all in. You can do this and show others the way...


Latest from our journal

From House Painter to Church Planter

Hugh Halter shares the story of how he and his wife Cheryl 'accidentally' planted a church among their neighbors while working full time.


Doing Justice on Your Street

Christ died to make things right–as they should be. When we participate in God's restorational justice, we begin to realize that the Gospel is much bigger than any weekend service project.


Learning to Speak Gospel

The foundation of a gospel-centered, missional life is the decision to offer to God our plans in exchange for his plans. We can speak the truth about who God is, what he has done...



The Gospel Primer helped reveal a hunger for greater gospel fluency, providing new vocabulary and practical tools to help us better engage our neighbors and our community with the hope of the gospel.

– Brian Petak, Pastor

Whether you are trying to refocus those who have a heart for living on mission, or trying to transition those who have never lived beyond the walls of the church, The Tangible Kingdom Primer is a tremendous find!

– Dennis Gulley

The Tangible Kingdom Primer has become the primary resource we are turning to as we transition our Church into a missionally focused movement of believers.

– Brian Hawkins, Pastor

Until I went through the Gospel Primer, I never really understood the importance of community. Mind-blowing how, in the course of 8 weeks, I finally "got it"!

– Nicole Statuti

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