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The Justice Primer

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Justice Primer - Brandon Hatmaker, Learning to love mercy and do justice. An 8-week Guide to Serving Through Community

An 8-week Guide to Serving Through Community 

By Brandon Hatmaker 

Everyone’s talking about social action and justice in the world. And for the first time in a long while, the Western church is looking for something designed to collectively point people outward and to give them a platform to do so together in community. 

The Justice Primer (previously titled The Barefoot Primer), is designed to be your guide on the journey of “learning to do right.” It will teach you what it practically means to love mercy and do justice. It leads participants on a practical 8-week journey to put mission back into your small group or faith community. 

If you desire to relearn the posture required to become missionaries in your context, and to equip others to embrace culture through engaging the needs around them, The Justice Primer is your pilot. 

One of the most difficult parts in serving the least is getting started. We muster up the energy and willpower, but too often get stalled out with the details, easily forgetting the critical step of preparation. The Justice Primer is designed in such a way to walk you through each phase of the journey one step at a time

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