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Primer 3–Pak

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Tangible Kingdom Primer, Gospel Primer, Justice Primer
Tangible Kingdom Primer, Gospel Primer, Justice Primer Tangible Kingdom Primer - Hugh Halter and Matt Smay Gospel Primer - Caesar Kalinowski Justice Primer - Brandon Hatmaker

Can't decide which of the Primers would be best for your group? Want to check out all 3 of the Primers?

This Primer 3-Pak includes one of each of our top selling, and most popular Primers: The Tangible Kingdom Primer, The Gospel Primer and The Justice Primer to help you choose which one you may want to order for your next group study. 

The Tangible Kingdom Primer is a great tool for helping a traditional church small group begin to move toward a more incarnational and missional presence within their community. 

The Gospel Primer is all about growing in Gospel Fluency as it teaches how to speak the Gospel in everyday life situations. Perfect for groups that are already convinced of their call to live on mission. And groups that want to grow deeper in the gospel.

The Justice Primer is an awesome tool for helping people (groups or entire churches!) develop a greater love of mercy and take steps toward "doing" justice within their neighborhood or city.

You receive one of all three of these powerful resources at a discounted price.